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Second Closed Workshop

November 30th and December 1st, 2004, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.

Slides from the talks
Monitoring Wireless Sensor Networks using Epidemic Protocols
Daniela Gavidia, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
abstract slides (pdf)
An Adaptive Algorithm for Efficient Message Diffusion in Unreliable Environments
Fernando Pedone, University of Lugano, Switzerland
slides (pdf)
Adapting the Communication Infrastructure to Context
Hugo Miranda, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
abstract slides (pdf)
Mobility friendly publish/subscribe
Sebastien Baehni, EPFL, Switzerland
abstract slides (ppt)
Distributed Mobile Event Systems
Sasu Tarkoma, University of Helsinki, Finland
abstract slides (ppt)
Mobile Presence Service
Marko Saaresto, University of Helsinki, Finland
slides (pdf)
Scalable Service Discovery for MANET
Francoise Sailhan, INRIA, France
Location Identification Algorithms for Location Based Services
Yiannis Socratous, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
abstract slides (pdf)
Real-time robotics and process control with Windows CE and Rotor/.NET
Andreas Rasche, Hasso-Plattner-Institute für Softwaresystemtechnik an der Universität Potsdam, Germany
abstract slides (pdf)
A presentation of Simula Research Laboratory
Frank Elliasen, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
slides (pdf)
Group activities overview
Jörg Kaiser, Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg, Germany
Middleware Services for Information Sharing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks: Challenges and Approach
Thomas Plagemann, University of Oslo, Norway
abstract slides (ppt)
Middleware Platform for Sentient Computing Applications
Thirunavukkarasu Sivaharan and Maomao Wu, Lancaster University, U.K.
abstract slides (ppt)
From Ad Hoc Networks to Ad Hoc Applications
Benoît Garbinato, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland
abstract slides (pdf)
Using Stigmergy to Co-ordinate Pervasive Computing Environments
Peter Barron, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
abstract slides (pdf)
Optimistic Consistency with Dynamic Version Vector Weighted Voting
João Barreto and Paulo Ferreira, Inesc-ID, Portugal
abstract slides (pps)
Updating code in wireless embedded systems
Jeppe Brønsted, Centre for Pervasive Computing, Denmark
Adaptation as a key technology for multimedia delivery in networks with fluctuating QoS
Laszlo Böszörmenyi, ITEC-DS, Klagenfurt University, Austria
abstract slides (pdf) demo (pdf)
Middleware for Adaptive Programmable Networks
Nico Janssen, DistriNet, K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Causal Cluster Consistency Management for P2P systems
Boris Koldehofer, Chalmers University, Sweden
abstract slides (pdf)
JazzEnsemble: A Group Communication Middleware for Ad-Hoc Networks
Roy Friedman, Technion, Israel
abstract slides (ppt)