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MiNEMA Membership

MiNEMA is an open research network, that intends to attract all groups doing relevant work in the area of middleware for the mobile environment. These groups are invited to join MiNEMA activities.

Benefits for members

MiNEMA members will be added to the MiNEMA mailing lists and will receive first-hand information about activities sponsored by the programme. Furthermore, when applying for MiNEMA grants (see events and human mobility), members will be given preference according to the following general rule:

  • Applications for MiNEMA grants will be ranked according to the general ESF guidelines and to their intrinsic scientific/technical merit. In case of tie, preference will be given to applications from MiNEMA members.


MiNEMA members are required to do their best to disseminate the activities of the MiNEMA research network. In particular, MiNEMA members are encouraged to include a link to the MiNEMA web page from their personal and group web pages. MiNEMA members are also strongly encouraged to participate actively in all MiNEMA events.

How to become a member

MiNEMA membership is restricted to groups performing research relevant to the MiNEMA goals.

Applicants should send an email to the MiNEMA Programme Coordinator with all the information they consider necessary for the MiNEMA Steering Committee to judge on their contribution to the network. This information will be circulated to all SC members by email. The application is evaluated using the following criteria:

  • The application is accepted within the deadline of 4 weeks if the application is supported by at least 4 SC members and not vetoed by any SC member.
  • Otherwise, the request will be voted by majority at the next MINEMA Steering Committee meeting.