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MiNEMA Events

MiNEMA will organize and sponsor workshops, conferences and courses in the area of Middleware for mobile computing.

The procedures to apply for MiNEMA sponsorship will be soon posted on this web site.


Future events organized by MiNEMA.

See also our Human Mobility programmes!


Future events sponsored by MiNEMA.
To be announced.


Past events organized by MiNEMA.

1st Steering Committee Meeting (Project KickOff)
September 23rd, Lausanne, Switezerland

1st Closed Workshop
January 29-30, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
report with abstracts (pdf)
slides from the talks

2st Steering Committee Meeting
January 30, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

2nd Closed Workshop
30th November to December 1st 2004, Lancaster, UK
Workshop web page
report with abstracts (pdf) (html)
See also the slides from the talks

3rd Steering Committee Meeting
30th November 2004, Lancaster, UK

MiNEMA summer school
MiNEMA summer school, July 11-15, Klagenfurt University, Austria
See also the slides from the talks
Scientific Report

4th Steering Committee Meeting
Klagenfurt, Austria, 14 July 2005

5th Steering Committee Meeting
Brussles, Belgium, 8 November 2005

3rd MiNEMA workshop
Organized by DistriNet in Leuven, Belgium on February 7-8, 2006.
Workshop webpage
Workshop Programme

6th Steering Committee Meeting
Leuven, Tuesday 7 February 2006.

4th MiNEMA workshop
July 2-3, 2006, Lisbon, Portugal
Workshop webpage
This event was held attached to ICDCS, July 4-7, 2006, Lisbon, Portugal

7th Steering Committee Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal, July 2 2006.
MiNEMA Winter School
Anzčre, Switzerland, February 12-16 2007.
Winter School webpage
8th Steering Committee Meeting
Anzčre, Switzerland, February 15 2007.
5th MiNEMA workshop
Magdeburg, Germany, September 11-12 2007
Workshop webpage
9th Steering Committee Meeting
Magdeburg, Germany, September 11 2007.
6th MiNEMA workshop
Glasgow, UK, April 1 2008.
Workshop webpage
10th Steering Committee Meeting
Glasgow, UK, April 1 2008.
7th MiNEMA workshop
Lappeenranta, Finland, August 21 2008.
Workshop webpage
11th Steering Committee Meeting
Lappeenranta, Finland, August 19 2008.
8th MiNEMA workshop
Turin, Italy, September 24-25 2008.
Workshop webpage
9th MiNEMA workshop
Leuven, Belgium, December 2 2008.
Workshop webpage
MiNEMA Winter School 2009
Goteborg, Sweden, March 23-26 2009.
School webpage


Past events sponsored by MiNEMA.
None (so far)