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- Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications.

MiNEMA is an European Science Foundation (ESF) Scientific Programme aiming to bring together European groups from different communities working on middleware for mobile environment. The programme intends to foster the definition and implementation of widely recognized middleware abstractions for new and emerging mobile applications.

The programme includes the following planned activities:

  • Short term visit exchanges among the programme participants (PhD students).
  • Organization of a "closed" workshop for programme participants, to allow the dissemination of early research results and experiences.
  • Sponsoring of workshops and conferences in the area of MiNEMA.
  • Organization of a summer school on the subjects covered by the programme.


The MINEMA Programme ended March 31, 2009.

The first Steering Committee Meeting of the MiNEMA programme was held on September 23rd, in Lausanne. The programme has a duration of five years.


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